Our club is mandated to create a welcoming soccer environment for all levels of play from elite to beginners, without bias and without descrimination based on color, race, religion or disabilities. Our coaches are certified and trained under the coaching certification guidline set by Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer. We follow Ontario Soccer LTPD program and ethical standards set by our associations. We believe in inclusivity without barriers based on economical or physical.


Our club is based out of the Jane and Finch corridor and exist in a melting pot of diversity. Our programs reflect all diversities without restrictions based on color, race, religion, gender or nationality including economical. Our membership consists of all of the above. I guess you can say we didn't truly design a program to make it inclusive as we designed a program to not create barriers.


Our coaches are aware of culturally sensitivity and as such are guided by the club to be aware of inclusivity. Our methods unlike teaching in school are sport and soccer related. We design our programs in a way to promote development of the soccer player and the game in the community. Our activities in no way are designed to discriminate or be biased in anyway. Any player or parents are encouraged to inform the board or club disciplinary committee of any issues required.


Our constitution mandates our board to make all programs inclusive and void of any bias. As such we make sure to implement any program devoid of anything that can be either culturally biased or insensitive. All coaches are made aware of clubs inclusivity rules.


Part of our mandate is to create a development first environment, place where kids of all levels can enjoy the game and continue to grow the game. For beginners we offer development training, which allows them to learn the basics of soccer at any age from U9-U12. We teach technical ball handling, Passing Shooting, position play and ball position. For our small kickers we have our Kickers program from U4-U5 where we just scrimmage and do simple games that keeps the players motivated and attracted to the game itself. Our House League promotes the games growth and winning is removed from the game. Here we do emphasize an environment to continue to learn and points or games are not essential. Just play and have fun. We also offer training only for the beginners in U14 to U15 age groups, we train on the basics of soccer and game situations followed by small scrimmages. Our Goal is to allow all levels of skill easy access to learn the game and enjoy the game of soccer. We created handle bullying or social media bullying quickly and take any level as high severity. Our Disciplinary committee handles any disputes and punishments to parent, player and coaches.


One Of the best places to creatively grow outside of the kind of routines in the big clubs...If Canada Soccer could ever see the talented beginnings, they would be able to better support grass roots clubs like this one... really amazing things on a less than shoe string budget...
Great place to learn the game, great for development and family atmosphere. Their futsal program is elite level and great for learning the fundamentals of the game.
Lorenzo Redwood

who we are

Originally founded in 1991 under our academy name Tecnico Ambato FC

Originated By founder Angel Felix Granja for the sole purpose of giving access for people in our community to organized soccer. He formed an elite level Mens Futsal program which played in various leagues in the GTA and outside. Using South American style soccer development techniques, they began to develop a youth program with beginners. The philosophy of making a player took center stage. The community was growing with teams that kept selecting players and not truly developing them into future stars. Siblings Jacqueline Guerra and brother Wilson Granja wanted to incorporate that and expanded the program to include children in 1993. Their love of the game and the sport, saw a growth in the youth program that was dedicated solely to development. Joined by sibling Angel B. Granja in 1994 they began the process of sanctioning the club. Creating a not for profit organization under the name FC Emery to signify the zone the club works out of. The club has seen growth ever since both administratively and membership. It now includes coach development, Match Official Development as part of its community reach out, to give back to the jane and finch corridor. It has seen several alumni graduate and move on to higher level soccer from Pro to Scholarship attainment. It has also seen its Alumni as key in its continued sucess for its future. This club as you can see has a family atmosphere with the structure of a large club. Its players are not only taught soccer but life and leadership skills. Its alumni are over 600 strong and its membership is 300 strong and continually growing.

Toronto Tecnico

Our Academy Soccer School

our Academy allows us to expand our development program for our U13 and under. Kids in this program play developmental Houseleague formats and Futsal in the winter. Kids at this level range from beginners to elite whatever is needed to add to the soccer experience and games throughout the course of a season.

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Training for Futsal in the winter is one of the best ways to improve your technical game exponentially.It will help you leap forward in development.

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